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About iTrading

Welcome to iTrading, we are a trading training company.

Have you always wanted to get into trading?

Have you found everything you have tried cost a fortune and didn’t live up to your expectations?

Have you, like us spent thousands looking for the one trading course provider who really cares that you actually learn to trade rather than just caring about your wallet?

Well iTrading is the answer. We can change your life!

iTrading provide trading courses, like no other provider out there. We specialise in Indices such as the Dow Jones, the German Dax and the London FTSE.

We provide a simple, easy to follow strategy that can start making you money the day after the course. Trading is made to look complicated on purpose so course providers can charge thousands to teach people. iTrading is different.

Don’t spend thousands with a salesman who has probably never traded in their life.

Don’t waste your money on flashy courses that don’t deliver and ask you to keep paying more and more for the next level of information.

With iTrading, you pay once and you get 6 month support to allow us to MAKE SURE you actually learn to trade.

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“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

Albert J.  [ Trader ]

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