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Picture the scene; you and your mates on your own trading floor trading the financial markets day in day out to collectively give yourselves the financial freedom you deserve, what could be more fulfilling?

Journey into the world of trading, learn together and support each other.

Set up and read trading charts

Set up and follow our indicators

Identify and execute trades

Comply with our strategy of low risk high probability trading

Predict the future with Divergence

Spread Bet

Managing risk

Select and set up the best broker account for your needs

Scalp Trading V Swing Trading

Day Trade

Let iTrading show you how!


Attend our 1 day local trading workshop, you pick the location, you will leave our masterclass equipped with all of the knowledge you will need to be trading the very next day.


You will also benefit from 30 days unlimited mentoring and support to keep you focused and on track with our strategy.

Pricing For Groups


£1200 for up to 3 Traders


£3000 for up to 10 Traders


£2800 for up to 8 Traders


10 Plus Negotiable

[ Kindly Contact Us With Your Requirements ]

Unleash your inner Jordan Belfort and contact us today.

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